WordPress Update – Version 4.2 – Powell

WordPress 4.2

WordPress update “Powell”, named after the jazz pianist Bud Powell, comes with some fresh features and over 200 bug fixes.

WordPress 4.2 can be downloaded or you can update it from your dashboard. Communicating and sharing is at the order of the day with the new features in this version.

Press This – New and Improved

Press This

Press This can be accessed from your Tools menu in the Dashboard area. You can use this bookmarklet to easily share any content anywhere on the web to your WordPress site.
Add Press This to your browser bookmark bar or your mobile device’s home screen.

Share content, videos and images with one click.

New Characters and Emoji SupportEmoji

There is support now for plenty new characters including Japanese, Korean characters and native Chinese. Also new is musical and mathematical symbols and hieroglyphs.

Now you can also use the emoticon characters emoji everywhere on your site. Add some more fun to your blogging!


Switching Themes in the Customizer

Now you can browse and preview your installed themes from the Customizer. You can first see how your content looks with different themes before you make it live on your site.

Speeding Up Your Plugin Updates

No more jumping to the loading screen for plugin updates. Everything is simpler, smoother and faster.

Embed More Stuff

Just like with YouTube videos and Tweets you can now paste a link from Tumblr or Kickstarter and see them automatically embedded into your post.

Permalinks Now Pretty by Default

The default permalink structure is now the friendly version, with your post title at the end.

Under the Hood – For Developers

  • The new wp.a11y.speak() API is available. When a change on the page happens, you can make sure that screen reader users are notified with this helper.
  • ¬†Terms shared across multiple taxonomies will now be split into separate terms when one of them is updated.
  • The experimental TinyMCE views API has continued to evolve. As this is an experimental API, use in production is not recommended unless you closely follow the development as breaking changes are possible
  • Complex queries – Support specific meta_query clauses to be used with orderby, added to WP_Query, WP_Comment_Query, and WP_User_Query

For more info on all changes you can visit the WordPress Codex Pages.


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Cheers and happy WordPress-ing!

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