What is the Deal with RSS and How To Use It in WordPress


What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. Your RSS feed is XML code on your site that updates every time you publish a new blog article on your site. If you have a WordPress website, you can type in your site URL and append /feed/ to it to see the actual RSS XML document – http://mysite.com/feed/

Luckily WordPress generates this code for us automatically, so you don’t need to know how the code works to use RSS feeds on your site.

What’s it for?

When you are interested in articles and content on a certain site and would like to know every time they publish something new, you would have to go visit the actual site every now and then and go see if there is new material. If you have lots of sites that is of interest to you, this can be quite laborious.

Instead of doing this you can subscribe to the RSS feed of these sites with a Feed aggregator. A RSS feed aggregator is software that can be used like a web browser to view all your feeds in. You just add the site URL to the aggregator and every time there is an update on that site it will be listed in the aggregator. So now you have all your favourite sites in one place where you can check for updates.

Feed Aggregators

There are many aggregators available. You can do a search and test some to see which works best for you.
Here is a list of some popular aggregators:

You can also direct your visitors to your own feed by placing a RSS feed icon on your site which you then link to your XML feed page.


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