The Importance of Updating your WordPress Website or Blog

update wordpress

Keeping your WordPress website or blog updated is absolutely essential. If a vulnerability in WordPress is found and a new version is released to fix the issue, the information on how to take advantage of the vulnerability will be easily available to the public, making the older versions open to attacks from hackers.

The latest version is always available from the WordPress website, This is the ONLY website where you should get your download for WordPress from. NEVER install or download WordPress from any other website.


Please note: Upgrading WordPress will affect all files and folders included in the main WordPress installation. All the core files that is used in running WordPress will be affected and any changes that has been made to these files will be lost.

You will receive an update message in your WordPress Admin Screen whenever a new version is available.


There are two ways of updating:

  • One-Click Update
  • Manually Update

The one-click update is how most people will go about it and should be the easiest route for non-developers and non-tech savvy persons.

For step by step instruction on how to upgrade WordPress manually, you can go here. WordPress Manual Update

Now, before you update your current WordPress installation, it is a very good idea to back-up your website.
For instruction on how to back up, go here. Back up WordPress

You can start by clicking the link in the banner with the “Please Update Now” notice. Alternatively, you can go to Dashboard > Updates. Then, when you are on the “Update WordPress Page”, you can click on the “Update Now” link to start the process. That should be all you have to do to get your site updated.

Updates should be done for the core WordPress files and all plugins as soon as they are available.

It’s all pretty simple and straight forward, until you run into issues, which can pop up every now and then. But, with the right knowledge and experience this should not be a problem. That is why you have guys like us here at WP Help. We make sure that if you have a WordPress website, you focus on what it’s suppose to do and we focus on keeping it that way. Feel free to contact us for WordPress peace of mind.


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