Simple User Registration In WordPress



To allow your users to write a blog post for your site or to submit comments by being registered can be easily and simply achieved. Here I will show you how to quickly enable and set up user registration in WordPress and manage your users.


You can go to Settings > General to enable user registrations. Next to the Membership heading you can tick the box that says “Anyone can Register”. Underneath that you will see the heading “New User Default Role”. It is set at Subscriber. You can change this to whatever role you deem appropriate for the user. Click on Save Changes and now your site is ready to handle user registrations.

Login / Registration Link on Page

The Meta Widget Waymeta-widget

Once your WordPress website is ready for user registration you can create a link on your pages for user to click on to take them to the registration page. You can do this by adding the Meta widget to your page sidebar. Go to Appearance > Widgets. Drag the Meta widget to the sidebar area you want the Login / Registration option to appear in.

Custom Login Page

It is also possible to have your Login Page customized for your specific needs. Here are two great Custom Login plugins that you can choose from to get the right look and feel for your site.

Managing Your Users

On the administration page you can click on Users, where you can manage all your registered users. Here you can change roles, view e-mail addresses, change passwords and also delete a users. Click on the Add User link to create a new user manually.


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