Scheduling Posts for WordPress blogs


Schedule Your Post

Unknown to a lot of WordPress users is the capability of scheduling your blog post for future publishing. You usually just see the big blue button that says Publish on it.


But just above the Publish button is an option to set a date for when you would like the post to be published.


Here you can set the month, day, year and time for scheduled publishing.

Scheduled publishing is great for when you are going on holiday and you would like your blog posts to still be published on a regular basis. Just write the next few articles and schedule them.


About WP Help

Periodically the WordPress core files will be updated. A message box will tell you that a new version of WordPress is available and that you should update. This is essential for security and the performance of your website. Before you update you must also make sure that your site is backed up. On top of that, all the plugins that you have installed also needs to be updated for the same reasons.

If a security vulnerability is detected in the core files or in a plugin, there will be a immediate update available as soon as the code is ready. If you don’t update ASAP, you stand a change of your site being hacked and your data lost for ever. All this can be a bit cumbersome if you still need to attend to your normal business and give so much attention to monitoring your WordPress website. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Why?

Because WP Help is precisely the people your get on your team to handle all things WordPress for you. That is what we do. We take the stress out of managing WordPress sites for you so you get on with your business.

Take a look at our packages and let us know what we can help with. You’ll be glad you did.

Thank you.


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