Choosing Your Own Page to Show Your Blog Posts in WordPress


Out of the box your WordPress websites’ homepage displays your blog posts. So if you want to display a custom homepage without blog posts featuring on this page, but still want your blog posts to show up on a different page, you can do this by manually selecting which page to use as your homepage and which to use as blog page.template-options

First you will have to create two new pages. One called Home and the other called Blog. If your theme supports a Homepage template, you can choose it when creating the home page, otherwise you can go with the default template. When creating these new pages remember to un-tick the comments and trackbacks / pingbacks boxes under the Discussions tab.

If you cannot see the Discussions box you can go to Screen Options at the top right of the page and tick the Discussions box to view it on your editing screen.



WordPress has build in support for creating a static custom Homepage and also for choosing a separate custom page for Blog posts.

Selecting Homepage and Blog post page

After creating the two new pages that will be used for Homepage / Frontpage and Blog posts, you can navigate to Settings > Reading.


After clicking on the Reading link you can now choose your static Homepage and Blog post page.


Select the “static page” radio button and choose from the drop down box your respective pages to be used.
Save your changes, and you’re in business. Now all that is left to do is to display the Blog link in your main navigation menu.
Go to Appearance > Menus. Add your Blog page to the menu, save changes and the job is done.


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