Add Audio Files And Playlists to Your WordPress Website

Audio File Folder

Add Audio Files

The WordPress content management system can easily add/embed media files to your Post or Page.

Firstly, create a new post or page. Then click the Add Media button on the edit screen.

Add Media

Click the Upload File button when the pop-up appears and select the music file you want to upload. Then click, Insert into post in the bottom right hand corner. The audio file will then be inserted into your post. WordPress uses HTML5 audio tags to embed the files. File formats that is supported include OGG, WAV and MP3. MP3 is the most commonly used and supported audio file format.

Depending weather you are in the visual editor view or text view, this is what you will see:

Embed Image

The shortcode displays in the text view.

Embed Shortcode

Now you can add and complete the rest of your post and publish when you are ready.

Front end Audio

Alternatively you can upload the audio file to the media library and copy and paste the URL into the post. WordPress will automatically embed the post for you.

Adding a Playlist

You can add audio playlists to your post just like you can add image galleries. After you uploaded all your audio files you can select Add Media¬†and choose all the audio files you want to include into your playlist. On the left hand you can select the “Create Audio Playlist” link. You can drag and drop your files and put them in the correct order that you want them to display. You also have the option to display the track name, image and artist name.

Fill in all the meta information for your Playlist and click “Insert Audio Playlist” and save your post. You will now see your playlist in the visual editor. Your playlist is done.



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